Changing plans & adapting

Narbonne, in the south of France, has a Mediterranean look and feel and a noticeably warmer climate than northern France.

It’s common during long-term travel for plans to change. It’s about adapting to circumstances as they arise. Accommodating your own changing needs as well as managing situations and environments. Being comfortable with that, not stressing when things go ‘off plan’, is a big part of travel.

I’ve just gone considerably ‘off plan’ but that’s OK. It’s the right thing for me and I’m happy with it.

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Over fifty, homeless and happy

last night in the house with no bed

A final glance behind then I stepped into the bright warm afternoon sun in late August 2018 and closed the door for the last time. On the drive, the back seat of a small borrowed car easily held my few clothes and remaining possessions and I had nowhere to call home.

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Great news – it’s not cancer!

Got the all-clear today after my CT scan of 10 days ago. No sign of cancer. At all. Yay!

I finally went to the doctor at the beginning of August because something wasn’t right. To be specific, my bowel movements, which hadn’t been ‘right’ for a few months, took a worrying turn. Worrying enough to convince me to stop ignoring the obvious and tell the doctor about it.¬† Continue reading “Great news – it’s not cancer!”