Great news – it’s not cancer!

Got the all-clear today after my CT scan of 10 days ago. No sign of cancer. At all. Yay!

I finally went to the doctor at the beginning of August because something wasn’t right. To be specific, my bowel movements, which hadn’t been ‘right’ for a few months, took a worrying turn. Worrying enough to convince me to stop ignoring the obvious and tell the doctor about it. 

It took me two attempts to walk into the health centre and speak to the doctor. Not, as the doctor sympathetically explained, out of ‘fear of the unknown’. I walked straight past the health centre door and back home at the first attempt purely out of embarrassment. I was mortified at the thought of discussing my present toilet habits, in detail, with someone else.

I paced up and down in my kitchen for half an hour before eventually persuading myself to see it through. “Do this Paul”, I argued with myself. “It’s nothing new for the doctor, he will have heard it all before”. So, at the second attempt, I did walk in and speak with the doctor, who was matter-of-fact and didn’t make me feel embarrassed at all.

Hearing my symptoms, prodding and poking me in various places and reviewing the results of blood, and other, samples left the doctor with no clues as to what was wrong with me. So in early August, he referred me to a specialist. I finally got an appointment for October 3rd!

This was/is far too long for me to wait, I have other plans, so I paid to have the issue dealt with privately. Since then, everything has moved at an impressive pace. I’ve had an initial consultation with a gastroenterology specialist, a full CT scan and today, a follow-up consultation with the specialist to give me the results of the scan.

I was surprised by my nervousness at today’s meeting, however, the doctor put my mind at rest. No sign of cancer and, for someone my age, an impressively healthy intestine and associated organs. The problem appears to be an ageing pancreas no longer working as efficiently as it should. I’ll have to monitor things going forward, continue eating healthily and hopefully, the gradual improvements I’ve seen to date will continue.

Not the easiest subject to write about and share, so why am I telling you this?

Simple answer – Get it Checked Out !!

If you are worried about anything healthwise, even if the thought of discussing the detail of your symptoms is embarrassing, don’t avoid it. Go see your doctor, because:

– you will not be telling the doctor anything he/she hasn’t heard many times before.

– your doctor will be both matter-of-fact and understanding of your feelings.

– the diagnosis is very likely to be far less bad than you think.

I’m worry-free and able to get on with my future plans because I plucked-up the courage to address the problem. And it wasn’t nearly as bad an ordeal as I imagined.

I repeat – Get it Checked Out !!


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