A beer from Paul the Glasgow roofer

I arrived in Woking tired, sweaty and in need of a beer. And then I bumped into Paul from Glasgow.

It was only 28kms of cycling, not a massive distance, but I’m an inexperienced pilot on a fully-loaded trike and there were plenty¬†of hills. I was visibly drained.

Paul is a smiley-faced, fast-talking roofer from Glasgow. He watched me clamber off the trike and lock it to some railings outside the pub.

“Big Man, you look knackered,” were his first words.

“I am and I need beer” I replied.

He asked where I was headed and when I told him Cape Town, he confirmed I meant Cape Town in South Africa, and then insisted on buying me the beer.

He bought me a beer and we chatted for half-an-hour while I gathered my strength.

Paul the Glasgow roofer is a star. His sister completed the Santiago de Compostela pilgrimage recently and he dreams of doing the same. I hope he does.

Cheers Paul.


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