MSR Dragonfly stove

The MSR Dragonfly stove burns all liquid fuels. The flame is controllable from boil to simmer and packed-down weight and size are tiny. 

MSR DragonFly multifuel stove

The Dragonfly is a camp stove for off-the-beaten-path travel and has many loyal fans. But it has faults and is not loved by everyone.

The MSR Dragonfly multi-fuel stove specifications are impressive. It weighs less then 500 grams, burns for a couple of hours on 600ml of fuel and takes less than four minutes to boil one litre. It’s compact, sturdy and safe for pots up to ten inches in diameter. 

So what’s not to like about the MSR Dragonfly stove?

Two main issues:

  • It’s noisy.  Jet-engine noisy at full bore.
  • It’s sooty. Compact when folded but it has to be folded down, and opened up, by hand. 

I bought the MSR Dragonfly stove for the positive reasons above. I want a compact, low weight, go-anywhere stove I can boil, fry and simmer on. 

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